Health & Safety

Building Healthy Habits

How do we support safe practices? Safety includes building healthy habits. A habit is often described as a recurrent, typically unconscious pattern of behaviour that is acquired through frequent repetition. It can be difficult to stick with what we consider to be healthy habits if we don’t provide ourselves enough time and discipline to develop…

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Sitting is The New Smoking

We sit. A lot. We sit at work; we sit to watch TV or when we’re scrolling on our phones; we sit during our daily commutes or long drives to the field; and we sit when we’re visiting with friends and family. In fact, it is estimated that Canadians spend more than half of the…

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Finding Peace Through Walking Meditation – Backcountry Style

When we think of safety, we quickly focus on physical safety; however, it also includes our mental health. In 2019, I was going through one of those monumental shifts in life; I was working in the Bow Valley but was in Drumheller one weekend visiting my folks. While on the back porch chatting with my…

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How Safe Are You At Home?

We talk a lot about safety at work but not how this relates to safety at home. We frequently hear about fire safety, having an evacuation plan, and other emergency planning, but what happens with the everyday hazards that we face in and around our homes and personal life? Workplaces have a low risk tolerance;…

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