Why Did We Pick the Name Trace?

  DARRELL J.I. HAIGHT, B.Sc., P.Ag. Co-Founder, President, and CEO   “Why did we pick the name Trace?” This was a question I got the other day when I asked a few of our new folks if there was anything they’d like to see added to our company orientation.   When Rhonda and I were…

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Enjoy the Ride, No Matter Your View

Normally I do our company-wide corporate updates in person. With the changing times and like everyone else, we are now forced to take a virtual approach. As I was preparing for my first virtual corporate update, I came across a slide from a presentation I gave in January 2015. The slide read “So what’s next…

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Checking In

January can often feel like the longest month following the excitement and stress of the holidays. We’ve all likely heard that there’s no science behind Blue Monday. But, it is true that living with depression and anxiety can feel more overwhelming in the winter months, particularly living on the prairies with -30◦C temps. Here at…

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2019 Trace Annual Award Recipients

Congratulations to our 2019 Trace Annual Award recipients!  

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2018 Annual Trace Award Recipients

Congratulations to our 2018 Annual Trace Award recipients!  

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The Sound of Silence

I love meetings when they are useful. When they’re bad, I want to run for the hills. We’ve had our fair share of stale and boring meetings at Trace, we’re human after all. But I thought it would be worth sharing a story about how we’ve tried to make meetings better. Here’s a story about…

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