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Course Outline

To provide knowledge and tools to develop a practical, simple, and customized sustainability program for small businesses. All modules are presented in-person. Participants’ learning will be assessed as complete or incomplete based on a sustainability presentation provided by each student at the conclusion of the program. The credential received at the conclusion of the training is a Sustainability Workshop Certificate of Completion.

This 3-hour introductory module will review sustainability history, definitions, and frameworks. It will answer the questions:

  • Why is sustainability important to your business?
  • How can you calculate the return on investment?
  • How can you gain buy in from the leadership team or employees?

This 3-hour module will allow learners to assess and document their current sustainability state.  Content will include:

  • Defining baseline and gap assessments
  • Gathering relevant business data
  • Documenting baseline results

Special Topic: Greenhouse Gas Reporting

This 3-hour module will allow learners to assess their current management practices as they pertain to sustainability. Content will include:

  • What is Governance?
    • Best Practices
    • Ethics and Corruption
    • Climate Adaptation (Flood and Fire Risk)
  • Special Topic: Emergency Risk Management

This 3-hour module will allow learners to determine who matters to their business and create a plan to understand their priorities. Content will include:

  • What and who is a stakeholder?
  • Gathering External Stakeholder Information
    • Topics Important to International Reporting Agencies
    • Publicly Available Information Regarding Clients and Suppliers
    • External Stakeholder Surveys
  • Documenting and Interpreting Stakeholder Assessment Results

Special Topic: Indigenous Inclusion

This 3-hour module will allow learners to assess the priorities of the people in their business. Content will include:

  • Employee Surveys
  • Leadership Surveys
  • Interpreting Survey Results
  • Social Support for Employees and the Community
    • Assessing employee support
    • Assessing community needs and skills-based volunteering
  • Special Topic: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

This 3-hour module will allow learners to develop a sustainability vision for their business. Content will generally include:

  • Vision Setting Methods
  • Alignment with Business Vision
  • Change Management
  • Special Topic: Embedding Sustainability

This 3-hour module will guide learners to develop a road map to document the path to achieving their vision. Content will include:

  • Understanding the Need for Change
  • Enlisting the Support of Change Agents
  • Creating a Road Map
    • Identifying priorities
    • Back casting from future envisioned state
    • Documenting goals and timelines
  • Special Topic: The Circular Economy

This 3-hour module will review current standards for sustainability reporting. Content will include:

  • International reporting frameworks
  • North American reporting frameworks
  • Reporting material content
  • Special Topic: 3rd Party Certification and Rating Systems

This 3-hour module will allow learners to present their sustainability programs to their cohort. Content will include:

  • Individual Presentations
  • Presentation of Awards and Certificates of Completion

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Group Training Requests

If you wish to book training for your group regarding sustainability, emergency management, Indigenous reconciliation and inclusion, or any of Trace’s other areas of specialization, please connect with us.

For more information please contact: Jacqueline Gorman, M.Sc., P.Geo., S.E.A. | 1.877.418.7223

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Jacqueline Gorman did an excellent job of facilitating the development of a sustainability management program at itracks. She was instrumental in implementing sustainability education and collaborating to support the development of sustainability initiatives. I highly recommend Jacqueline’s services based on her highly respected ability to adapt best practices to our company scenarios.

Garnette Weber, CEO