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Hi, I’m Steve Mailath, Principal Hydrogeologist and Partner here at Trace Associates. Proper water management is essential. Understanding the physical, chemical, and mathematical approaches to studying, evaluating, and understanding groundwater and surface water is vital. A big part of the value we provide is helping clients understand the regulatory and environmental hurdles and avoid unnecessary and costly delays and obstacles.

Our team performs necessary assessments, investigations, and studies, and helps you manage federal and provincial regulatory applications and approvals. Our goal is to ensure your project moves forward aligned with best practices to limit delays and unnecessary environmental hurdles.


• Contaminated site assessment and management
• Contaminant hydrogeological investigations and modelling
• Groundwater and leachate remediation system design and operation
• Wastewater discharge and pond integrity assessments (including leakage and mounding assessments)
• Landfill and sewage lagoon planning and closure
• Groundwater sampling and analysis
• Expert witness support


• Hydrogeological impact assessments
• Hydrogeological evaluations and assessments
• Excavation dewatering system design
• Regional groundwater assessments
• Field verified groundwater surveys
• Industrial/domestic water well testing
• Industrial and municipal groundwater resource evaluation, management, and licencing

Surface Water

• Watercourse crossing approvals and environmental support
• Pit infiltration and advisory
• Wet area mapping
• Water Act licenses and approvals
• Surface water flow assessments using drones/UAVs
• Erosion and sediment control

what our clients are saying

“We like Trace. We like Ron, we like Nick, and we like the relationships we’ve built on our projects with them. They have a suite of services that cover the ecological and environmental, and they have demonstrated that they understand what needs to be done, aren’t doing unnecessary work, and they make sure it gets done. Ron told me that the Trace motto is to 'consult better.' This motto is reflected in the service they provide.”

Clark | Qualico Communities

“I appreciate Trace’s candidness, honesty, and straightforwardness. The communication is strong, they are always professional, and they stay on point. They’re good at what they do and are always available when I need them.”

Confidential Client

“Trace provides a level of personal service that we don’t get from other companies. We get straightforward, open communication with Project Managers, including frequent touch-points. Trace always does what they say they are going to do.”

Neil Reid | Midstream Energy Client

“I choose Trace because of their expertise and clarity on what they will deliver, and my trust in them. We share similar values of honesty and communication. They’re very thoughtful in what they do and their expertise is very appreciated. Nothing they do or say leaves you scratching your head.”

Warn Franklin | works with Ron at Trace

“I value our relationship with Trace and can see it continuing into the future.  Having a third party come in to do environmental inspections is very helpful and gives added focus on areas that might otherwise be neglected due to the busy nature of the business. Trace's expertise in the Environmental Consultant field helps keep NorSask on a path of continuous improvement. We very much appreciate the proactive approach that Trace takes to meet our needs.”

Kelly | NorSask