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Hi, I’m Monique Wismer, Partner and Director of Sustainability and Social Responsibility here at Trace Associates. We’re always looking out for what’s best for our clients. In one example, as part of our client’s permit we monitored their site twice a year. Looking at the data, we realized that was unnecessary, so we went to the regulator on their behalf and made a case to reduce monitoring to once a year. It resulted in less work for us, but it saved the client time and money. We’re here to do what makes sense and what’s best for the people we work with.

Environmental performance and compliance that meets or exceeds expectations is required by regulatory bodies and increasingly in-demand by the general public. Our team brings diverse, specialized regulatory knowledge and experience to ensure your project, regardless of the industry you work in, is in full compliance with minimal delay.

Greenhouse Gas

Advisory Process

  • Greenhouse gas (GHG) funding advisory and assistance with programs such as Emission Reduction Alberta (ERA), Bioenergy Producer Credit Program (BPCP), Sustainable Development Technology Canada (SDTC), and Natural Resources Canada (NRCan)
  • Evaluate the project and identify the energy efficiencies, GHG reductions, or positive environmental enhancements that would have specific funding criteria
  • Perform third party validation for GHG reduction claims
  • Source funding mechanisms for which the project would qualify

Application Process

  • Completion of the required application towards securing funding
  • Present project to Technical Advisory Panels on behalf of client
  • Perform the subsequent quarterly or annual reports to funding agency discussing the positive impacts on the environment, GHG’s, or energy efficiencies realized from the implementation of project


  • Environmental regulatory approval renewals, amendments, and permitting for all facility types
  • Regulatory and public liaison with governing bodies
  • Greenhouse gas management and emission credit reduction application
  • Provincial and federal environmental reporting
  • Environmental auditing, training, and awareness
  • Industrial water and wastewater treatment advisory
  • Indigenous advisory
  • Waste minimization advisory
  • Soil, water, and air monitoring programs
  • EMS audits and IOGC audits

Clubroot Inspections

  • Soil sample collection for clubroot inspection, more than 30,000 samples collected to date
  • Inspect equipment and vehicles washing/sanitizing activities including equipment operator/owner, date and time, unit number, license plate number, equipment type, destination, cleaning techniques, and areas visited since last wash
  • Observe and document the removal of soil and sanitizing of equipment and vehicles
  • Implement Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers (CAPP) Best Management Practices for Clubroot Disease Management and the Alberta Agriculture Food and Rural Development (AAFRD) Clubroot Management Plan and evolving provincial clubroot management plans. Each piece of equipment and vehicle that entered the subject lands were inspected during and following sanitization/cleaning

Irrigation Suitability

A successful irrigation application requires an assessment of suitability by a professional agrologist. Our team performs assessments to ensure your land is classified to meet regulatory standards.

  • Irrigation suitability: Permanent and changeable factors and predicted response to irrigation
  • Soil classification
  • Topography classification
  • Land classification

what our clients are saying

“We like Trace. We like Ron, we like Nick, and we like the relationships we’ve built on our projects with them. They have a suite of services that cover the ecological and environmental, and they have demonstrated that they understand what needs to be done, aren’t doing unnecessary work, and they make sure it gets done. Ron told me that the Trace motto is to 'consult better.' This motto is reflected in the service they provide.”

Clark | Qualico Communities

“I appreciate Trace’s candidness, honesty, and straightforwardness. The communication is strong, they are always professional, and they stay on point. They’re good at what they do and are always available when I need them.”

Confidential Client

“Trace provides a level of personal service that we don’t get from other companies. We get straightforward, open communication with Project Managers, including frequent touch-points. Trace always does what they say they are going to do.”

Neil Reid | Midstream Energy Client

“I choose Trace because of their expertise and clarity on what they will deliver, and my trust in them. We share similar values of honesty and communication. They’re very thoughtful in what they do and their expertise is very appreciated. Nothing they do or say leaves you scratching your head.”

Warn Franklin | works with Ron at Trace

“I value our relationship with Trace and can see it continuing into the future.  Having a third party come in to do environmental inspections is very helpful and gives added focus on areas that might otherwise be neglected due to the busy nature of the business. Trace's expertise in the Environmental Consultant field helps keep NorSask on a path of continuous improvement. We very much appreciate the proactive approach that Trace takes to meet our needs.”

Kelly | NorSask